Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Eastside Wastewater Improvement Project

Project Information

Eastside Wastewater Improvement Project

Project Manager: David Frazier

Assistant Project Manager: Roger Sparks

Current Project Status: Complete

Project Scope:
   This project includes identifying the best location for, and the construction of a new sanitary sewer pump station near Candy Creek, along with associated force mains and gravity sewer interceptors. The new station will replace the existing Easton Road pump station, which is under capacity and not in the proper location to meet future service needs. The project will also evaluate and address the condition of the Faraon Street Pump Station and associated force main and implement measures for their continued use in the near term.  

Project Funding:
   2007 Sewer Bonds
   2014A SRF Funding
   2015 A IDA Bonds
   Water Protection Operating Fund

Project Funding Amount: $30,491,920.39

   The new Candy Creek Pump Station complete and is being operating in automatic mode. The Faraon Street Headworks Building and Pump Station is also complete and the station is operating in automatic mode. Systems are closely being monitored to ensure they continue to operate as designed.  

Last Update: Wednesday May 16, 2018