Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Grit Removal

Project Information

Grit Removal

Project Manager: Lee Sommers

Assistant Project Manager: Roger Sparks

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Grit Removal Project: The existing grit removal facilities at the Water Protection Facility are old and inadequate requiring continual maintenance. The existing grit removal units are to be replaced with new equipment in a new basin in the vicinity of the existing units.  

Project Funding:

Project Funding Amount: $7,363,444.79

   The following activities are still on going as of February 2017: Grit Building: City, Contractor, HDR and Smith and Loveless are working on the sensors on the grit equipment. There have been continued issues with the vortex cone system and Smith and Loveless is trying to resolve the issues. No Change. Grit Influent Junction Box Retrofit: Garney has submitted design specifications for the new gates to be installed in the influent Junction Box.  

Last Update: Wednesday February 22, 2017