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Biosolids Machine

Project Information

Biosolids Machine

Project Manager: Lee Sommers

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Bio-Solids Project: Presently the final sludge from the Water Protection Facility contains a considerable amount of water and is transported to local agricultural fields to be land applied as a fertilizer. More stringent requirements from regulatory agencies may limit the ability of the City to continue to land apply this waste product, thus requiring this product be taken to a land fill. This project would construct a sludge drying facility that would dry the sludge to an 8% moisture content thus reducing the volume of the sludge to approximately 10% of its current volume. It also pelletizes the product for land application, placement in a land fill, or other beneficial reuse. The reduction of waste solids volume by 10 times will significantly reduce disposal costs and will also preserve available landfill capacity.  

Project Funding:
   2014 B MDFB Bonds
   2014 SRF Funding

Project Funding Amount: $8,284,021.58

   Series 84 Biosolids Dryer and Project Contract Time Extension. This time extension is associated with the Andritz Dryer System Tuning, Optimization, and Testing. This CPR is being issued to extend the Contract Time to accommodate the above optimization to allow for additional tuning and testing of the Andritz Biosolids Dryer System. There is no increase in the contract price as the result of this CPR. The Final Completion Date for the following Pay Items are extended by 184 days to December 13, 2018 Biosolids Dryer: The Biosolids Dryer Exhaust Fan was installed in the May. Andritz arrived in June and have been work on dryer optimization. Progress was progressing until a hot spot on the dryer belt created a hole. A new belt is being order and in the meantime options for patching the belt are being considered.  

Last Update: Monday July 16, 2018