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Biosolids Machine

Project Information

Biosolids Machine

Project Manager: Lee Sommers

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Bio-Solids Project: Presently the final sludge from the Water Protection Facility contains a considerable amount of water and is transported to local agricultural fields to be land applied as a fertilizer. More stringent requirements from regulatory agencies may limit the ability of the City to continue to land apply this waste product, thus requiring this product be taken to a land fill. This project would construct a sludge drying facility that would dry the sludge to an 8% moisture content thus reducing the volume of the sludge to approximately 10% of its current volume. It also pelletizes the product for land application, placement in a land fill, or other beneficial reuse. The reduction of waste solids volume by 10 times will significantly reduce disposal costs and will also preserve available landfill capacity.  

Project Funding:
   2014 B MDFB Bonds

Project Funding Amount: $8,284,021.58

   The following activities are still on going as of February 2017: Filter Press Building: Work has been put on hold until the plant sludge process can be further evaluated. Biosolids Dryer: Currently HDR is evaluating the Sludge Process to help get the sludge within the parameters stated in the Contract Documents. Digester No. 3 has been brought on line in order developed a testing process at mesophilic temperatures to reduce the ash content of the sludge.  

Last Update: Wednesday February 22, 2017