Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Airport Master Plan Update

Project Information

Airport Master Plan Update

Project Manager: Abe Forney

Assistant Project Manager: Roxanne Patton

Current Project Status: Design

Project Scope:
   Design for a 5 year future projects and on-call services for Aviation. 

Project Funding:
   Transfer from CIP

Project Funding Amount: $355,161.00

   The Airport Master Planning Services covered shall include furnishing the professional, technical and other personnel and the equipment, material and all other necessities to accomplish projects. This project is a 90/10 cost share between FAA/MoDOT and the City. Design services is 78% complete. Amendment #1 to the MHTC State Block Grant approved by City Council to expand the original project time period to June 30, 2017 to allow for the completion of the work. This amendment will not modify the project amount. Design services 80% complete. The ALP design is 90% complete, with a remaining balance due Consultant of $28,484. 

Last Update: Thursday June 22, 2017