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Blacksnake Creek Stormwater Separation Project

Project Information

Blacksnake Creek Stormwater Separation Project

Project Manager: David Frazier

Assistant Project Manager: Andy Clements

Current Project Status: Design

Project Scope:

Project Funding:
   2015 A IDA Bonds
   Over-payment from Property Closings

Project Funding Amount: $12,136,611.70

   The Blacksnake Sewer Rehabilitation Crack Repair project was advertised on February 5 & bids will open on March 9. Public Works has acquired the majority of the easements required for the roadway projects. Negotiations for the remaining acquisitions are underway, although it appears that a few may need to be acquired though condemnation. The tunnel portion of the project was advertised on February 26. The goal for the near surface conveyance portion of the project is to advertise it the first of April. A contract for tree clearing has been awarded and that work is well underway. The clearing work is necessary to support the construction of the tunnel and system that will convey storm water from the Karnes Road area to the Missouri River. By performing that work now, the disturbance to bat habitat is minimized.  

Last Update: Tuesday February 28, 2017