Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Concrete Street Repairs

Project Information

Concrete Street Repairs

Project Manager: David Simpson

Assistant Project Manager: Roger Sparks

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Concrete Street Repairs named on the CIP List to be determined, by street department in the order of priority. The Proposed list is as follows:36th Street from Frederick to Beck; Beck from Berkshire to Village Dr and Belt to Ashland; 36th from Faraon to Frederick; Faraon from Belt to Riverside; Leonard from 169 to Whitaker; the central business district; Stockyards Expressway from Beaver to Alabama; Hirter Drive; Cook Rd from W Haverill to Belt; Gene Field from Ashland to Belt; Leonard from Frederick to Gene Field; Oakland from Woodbine to Belt; Sherman from Woodbine to Belt; Village from Frederick to Sherman and Frederick from Noyes to 36th street. 

Project Funding:
   CIP Sales Tax
   USE Tax

Project Funding Amount: $2,500,000.00

   The Concrete Street Repair Program is a part of the overall CIP Program funded by the CIP 1/2 cent sales tax approved by the voters in 2013 and will last through 2018. The scope of work for this program includes specific repairs to concrete streets previously chosen by the CIP Committee. The 2017 Concrete Street Repair project will repair areas of Gene Field from the Belt Hwy to Ashland Ave and areas of Oakland Ave from Belt Hwy to Woodbine. There is $400,000 budgeted from CIP sales taxes and advertisement for bids will be on April 9 with bid opening on April 27. Final completion date is set for October 31, 2017.  

Last Update: Friday March 31, 2017