Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Fountain Repairs to Civic Center and Patee Parks

Project Information

Fountain Repairs to Civic Center and Patee Parks

Project Manager: Phillip Leimbach

Assistant Project Manager: David Frazier

Current Project Status: Design

Project Scope:
   The fountain in front of city Hall, needs to be repaired. To repair and/or replace the various components of the fountains including the stonework, electrical and plumbing. Clean , repair concrete, fences and fountainheads; rebuild CCP fountain to original design.  

Project Funding:
   CIP Sales Tax

Project Funding Amount: $80,000.00

   Due to limited funding, this repair project concentrated only on the Civic Center Park fountain. A consultant was hired to help create the technical plans and specifications and the project was bid out and awarded to Restoration and Waterproofing Contractors with a contract amount of $73,955. The CIP budget amount was $80,000. The plan was to restore the fountain to its original look and operation as from the early 1900s. The scope of work included the removal of deteriorated stonework, specialized stone patching and pointing, injection crack sealing, resealing, replacement of the missing urn on top, plumbing for the water display and associated electrical. The contractor has completed the restoration to the fountain stonework, has replaced the top urn that was missing and the waterproof coating has been applied. The Parks Department has installed a new pump to supply the water to the fountain and the fountain is now operational. 

Last Update: Tuesday July 31, 2018