Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Odor Control Parkway A

Project Information

Odor Control Parkway A

Project Manager: David Frazier

Assistant Project Manager: Andy Clements

Current Project Status: Bidding and Award

Project Scope:
   This project is needed to address vapor phase odor control issues along Parkway A, and to improve chemical feed systems at the Faraon Street Pumpstation 

Project Funding:
   2018 Conventional Bonds

Project Funding Amount: $3,205,794.50

   Three bids were received on 8/23/18. The low bid, in the amount of $565,000 was submitted by Herner Construction, a local company. Award of the project was approved by Council on September 16th. The contractor is in the process of signing the contracts and providing insurance & bonding documents. 

Last Update: Thursday September 27, 2018