Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Odor Control Parkway A

Project Information

Odor Control Parkway A

Project Manager: David Frazier

Assistant Project Manager: Andy Clements

Current Project Status: Design

Project Scope:
   This project is needed to address vapor phase odor control issues along Parkway A, and to improve chemical feed systems at the Faraon Street Pumpstation 

Project Funding:

Project Funding Amount: $194,294.50

   A work order has been executed, and a notice to proceed has been issued to Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company for design and bid services for this project. Equipment will be installed at Faraon Street Pump Station to superoxygenate the contents of the force main to greatly reduce the formation of odor causing gasses. Treatment costs are anticipated to be reduced by approximately 2/3, and odors will be controlled more effectively than with the current method. Additional treatment methods can be implemented should it be necessary to address any remaining low level odor emissions.  

Last Update: Thursday July 27, 2017